What Our Customers Say...

Vauxhall Antara 2.2
Fitted the chip in 10 minutes and even on the default setting #3 wow what a difference.I’m getting an extra 5/ 6 mpg around town drives smoother with more power. Well worth the £125

Submitted by: DAVE fisher on 08 October 2018

Chrysler 300CRD tourer 2009
I was struggling to live with 32mpg when I'm doing 5000 miles a month.Easy to fit.It's leaps off the lights now. And is returning 40mpg. It's gone up from 450 miles per tank to just over 600.

Submitted by: Wayne Francis on 04 October 2018

Fiited to 5 yr old Vauxhall Mokka 1.7 ... not for speed but needed a little help. The fitting would have taken 2 minutes except I needed some smaller hands :-) Just set it level 4 & impressed

Submitted by: Phil on 04 September 2018

Autotrail Mohican Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD
Transformed. It was only 127 bhp and was sluggish and unresponsive. After fitting the increase in power, torque and smoothness in incredible and it is now doing 29 mpg up from 24. Please go and buy this product, it took 15 minutes to fit.

Submitted by: Peter Newman on 07 August 2018

Mercedes E350
Just got it five minutes to fit turned it up four clicks wow power torque less lag in going up the gears must try the flappy paddles second car I have done so impressed thank you Pro-Diesel

Submitted by: Paul Kendall on 20 July 2018

I’m blown away!!!
I’m now getting my 3rd one!!! I sold the other 2 vehicles and the first person who drove them bought them . Nobody would give up the power and go back to stock!!! I’ve been a customer since 2014 and love the products Thank You!!!

Submitted by: David Swails on 12 July 2018

great quality and reliable
been using this tuning box on a mini cooper D, bmw520D,audi A6tdi,now on a citreon D, its great,would recomend it to anyone,what a diference when pulling away,overtaking,and going up long hills,

Submitted by: ian craig on 06 July 2018

Low end grunt on BMW 120D
Why didn't I get this years ago!?! I've only turned the dial one click and my BMW now pulls like train from 1200 RPM, the low end grunt saves me changing gear in traffic and has eliminated the turbo lag.

Submitted by: Glen Burrows on 13 June 2018

Caddy van transformed!!
Completely transformed my Caddy van 1.6tdi No flat spots and pulled like a train. Keeping up with 2.0tdi easily and faster than all remapped 1.6tdi’s I’ve come up against. Definitely a no brainer at the cost they are.

Submitted by: Ben Pratt on 21 May 2018

fitted to Mercedes GLA 220d AMG line...easy to do,, 5 mins, noticed the difference on basic setting 3, on 6 now and pulls like a beast.

Submitted by: john on 10 May 2018

Great investment
I've had the easily fitted ProDiesel chip installed for a little over 2 months now. I've seen a huge change in economy, and added performance when it's needed. This is a no brainer, buy one now

Submitted by: Stuart on 06 April 2018

2011 Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi
Truly amazing piece of kit. +6-8 MPG per run on average. Saved the cost of the unit in fuel in around 6 months and I've been saving ever since (~£300/year). Huge performance boost also, keeping up with most 2.0TDIs.

Submitted by: Gary on 27 March 2018

BMW 120D M Sport 184BHP
easy to fit in under 5 mins (once you've studied a few things), and setting 3-8 did nothing. 10 was very noticeable in taking probably a second or more off the 0-60. running at 13 better MPG but not as much power.

Submitted by: Dave on 16 March 2018

Honda crv 2.2ictdi
So easy and simple to fit. Whow...what an incredible difference on standard setting. MPG improved from 34 to 40mpg overall. Car so easy to drive now & so much more tractable. Floor the throttle and she just takes off. Get one!!!

Submitted by: Mark Underwood on 19 February 2018

Ten mins to fit on my 2011 520d , flat spot gone,drives a lot smother and performance better . Very happy

Submitted by: Andy ennis on 18 February 2018



Brillant product
Mpg up from 39 to 44. Brillant . And as for the extra power fantastic…
26 April 2017
Nissan Qashqai 2.00 DCi 150PS
A bit tricky to fit as the turbo pipe needed to be removed to get to sensor.Tuned it up to 14 out of 16 ,power increase is very noticeable. Have seen an improvement in MPG around t…
Dave P
05 July 2017