What Our Customers Say...

2016 Vauxhall Astra K 1.6cdti
5 minutes to fit and wow what a difference. Great power through all the gears. MPG up to 68.6 and I have fallen in love with driving my car again.

Submitted by: Anthony Wiseman on 17 June 2020

Focus st 3 s/s diesel
Wow what can I say.....the car is so much better with the chip box on.... Wife love it..... Thank you.

Submitted by: Steve johns on 14 June 2020

BMW x1 xdrive
I was very sceptical, but decided at the price to give it a try. I'm so glad I did, what a difference it has made, no more turbo lag, better torque and saving on fuel too. Settled on setting 8 at the moment.

Submitted by: Gary on 24 February 2020

I have used this chip for over 1 year towing/launching a boat of 630kg + trailer. A massive amount of increased power and thats when pulling the boat. I average 48 mpg on the basic setting

Submitted by: ian on 28 August 2019

Astra 165 sports tourer
Even on setting 3 there's a noticeable liveliness and lag between gear. Changes gone and mpg up from 46_49 very pleased.

Submitted by: Simon on 10 August 2019

What a difference.
Nissan Qashqai 2.0 Litre DCI gone from sluggish and so so to pinging, smooth, efficient, quiet, getting their faster using less diesel, machine. Easy to fit and you will notice the difference immediately. Give it a go you won't be disappointed.

Submitted by: Charles Slaney on 26 May 2019

2012 BMW 116d
Literally took me 5 minutes to install and the difference is noticeable instantly.Its currently set in mode 3 but will be tweeked in the coming days. Very happy with this product and a great team behind it 10/10

Submitted by: Matt Watkins on 29 April 2019

Renault Laguna III 2L TDI
I was averaging 45mpg but with this fitted and now up to setting 8 I'm seeing an average of 67mpg. That's an almost 40% increase! I am extremely impressed and wish I had bought this earlier.

Submitted by: Lawrance on 09 April 2019

Audi A6 Allroad
Finding the connector not quite as easy as video showed on other Audis, but eventually found the right one. However, what a difference! Flat spot on acceleration now gone and so much quicker! Great value and highly recommended!

Submitted by: Mark C on 20 January 2019

A great difference
I recently bought a diesel chip initially to improve my fuel consumption, very easy to fit and then, trialling the settings, i started with the standard setting of no. 3 than advanced to No. 4.

Submitted by: stuart stubbs on 17 December 2018

Ford Mondeo Tdci
Just fitted my Pro Diesel box. Took about 40 seconds, really simply to fit and the instructions are very well documented.

Submitted by: KIERON on 15 December 2018

Simply plug and play technology. 2.0 Jeep Renegade Multijet 4x4. Fitted in under 2 minutes I now average 53.6 mpg on motorway and 45mpg towing my boat. People need to re-evaluate their reasons for not having fitted one. Wish I had this sooner.

Submitted by: Ian on 01 December 2018

Mercedes ML300
Hugely impressed! Great comunications from the guys in the office, simple installation on the ML and it has totally transformed the drive! Turbo lag has pretty much gone now and a genuine 20% - 25% increase in fuel economy!

Submitted by: Chris S on 01 December 2018

Santa Fe 2010 2.2 CRDi
Just fitted 15 mins max turned up to 5 on dial towed caravan and the difference was amazing much less changing down and increase in mpg from average of 24 to just over 30 with caravan, without caravan car is much more lively and no flat spots.

Submitted by: Mike J on 08 November 2018

I recently fitted a chip to my 2014 Ford Galaxy and it has transformed the performance. Smoother, more responsive and the average fuel figure is slowly going up. Highly recommended !!

Submitted by: Alastair on 11 October 2018



Duster dci
Wow what a piece of kit prodiesel chip is . Acceleration unreal . Tork fantastic. Mpg awesome . Very pleased . Will recommend to everyone .…
Aidy brown
23 August
Nissan Qashqai 2.00 DCi 150PS
A bit tricky to fit as the turbo pipe needed to be removed to get to sensor.Tuned it up to 14 out of 16 ,power increase is very noticeable. Have seen an improvement in MPG around t…
Dave P
05 July 2017