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Nissan Navara np 300
More torque & around 15% fuel savings, this is the second vehicle I’ve installed a Pro Diesel product, Ford Ranger 3.2 ,both a noticeable difference, more so with the Nissan 2.5 engine, great company & excellent customer service

Submitted by: Rob Tomlin on 08 June 2015

Ford Ranger Limited 2.2 150
Kit fitted in ONE MINUTE. Once fitted adjust to #7 as per instructions. You can now outperform the 3.2 Wildcat. Smooth rapid grunt. Spend your hard earned and be totally amazed.

Submitted by: Chris Bell on 15 May 2015

Audi TT 2.0 TDI Roadster
Have driven this car for three years with no real complaints, as a small car it moved well. Now with the pro diesel chip it moves VERY well. Noticable acceleration, improved MPG and a smoother automatic gear change. go get one today.

Submitted by: Jonathan Fennell on 21 April 2015

Best £125 I've spent
I fitted the unit in minutes and the results have been excellent, the turbo lag I experienced between 1st and 2nd gear disappeared immediately. Andrew's customer service is excellent Thanks

Submitted by: Steve Shaw on 24 March 2015

Kia Sportage
Fitted one to my Sportage. Brilliant now absolutely mullars any 2litre diesel I come across. Thanks

Submitted by: David Howells on 23 February 2015

VW Passat
I just got one for my 2010 VW Passat highline 140bhp. Sooo much more torque and better fuel economy!!!! Took 5 mins to install. Plug and play! Cheers guys. Money back in no time!

Submitted by: Richard Fowles on 25 January 2015

E90 320d
Hi guys I've fitted one to my e90 320d 163bhp now running 199bhp and just come back from a nurburg ring trip So much more power 74.6 mpg at 75mph not bad value for money7

Submitted by: Max Shand on 07 December 2014

Vauxhall Insignia CDTi 160
I am sure I am not the only one hesitant in using these products. Finally took the plunge a month ago and fitted it, easy to do leaving it on factory setting 3 initially. I have slowly been turning up the settings up to 6. On this setting the car feels fantastic, the acceleration is noticeably better, mega smooth through the rev range, I do not have to change down gear as much because the torque is there, massive increase in oomph, it feels like a different car.
I have not had chance to fully compare the mpg but at the moment the on board computer is giving a slight increase in economy. However, it’s the extra power which makes this product worth every penny for me.
There are still a number of settings to go (16 in total) and I will continue to increase it until I get a good balance of power and economy.

Prior to buying this I was thinking of selling the car. Not anymore!

Submitted by: Eddie on 21 October 2014

Alfa 159 2.4 ti amazing
Purchased a diesel pro chip for my 2.4 ti and my car now runs better than it ever has it pulls like a train and runs so much smoother I'm very happy with it would recommend and in my experience this is BETTER than a remap :)

Submitted by: Seb willcocks on 11 October 2014



Mercedes E320 cdi 2005 inline 6
Very happy with Prodiesel chip, amazing power increase, smoothness and no turbo lag. money well spent, also fitted new performance air filter, If you are thinking about buying one…
Van den Langenberg
24 July 2015
What a difference.
Nissan Qashqai 2.0 Litre DCI gone from sluggish and so so to pinging, smooth, efficient, quiet, getting their faster using less diesel, machine. Easy to fit and you will notice the…
Charles Slaney
26 May 2019