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Nissan Navara np 300
More torque & around 15% fuel savings, this is the second vehicle I’ve installed a Pro Diesel product, Ford Ranger 3.2 ,both a noticeable difference, more so with the Nissan 2.5 engine, great company & excellent customer service

Submitted by: Rob Tomlin on 08 June 2015

Ford Ranger Limited 2.2 150
Kit fitted in ONE MINUTE. Once fitted adjust to #7 as per instructions. You can now outperform the 3.2 Wildcat. Smooth rapid grunt. Spend your hard earned and be totally amazed.

Submitted by: Chris Bell on 15 May 2015

Audi TT 2.0 TDI Roadster
Have driven this car for three years with no real complaints, as a small car it moved well. Now with the pro diesel chip it moves VERY well. Noticable acceleration, improved MPG and a smoother automatic gear change. go get one today.

Submitted by: Jonathan Fennell on 21 April 2015

Best £125 I've spent
I fitted the unit in minutes and the results have been excellent, the turbo lag I experienced between 1st and 2nd gear disappeared immediately. Andrew's customer service is excellent Thanks

Submitted by: Steve Shaw on 24 March 2015

Kia Sportage
Fitted one to my Sportage. Brilliant now absolutely mullars any 2litre diesel I come across. Thanks

Submitted by: David Howells on 23 February 2015

VW Passat
I just got one for my 2010 VW Passat highline 140bhp. Sooo much more torque and better fuel economy!!!! Took 5 mins to install. Plug and play! Cheers guys. Money back in no time!

Submitted by: Richard Fowles on 25 January 2015

E90 320d
Hi guys I've fitted one to my e90 320d 163bhp now running 199bhp and just come back from a nurburg ring trip So much more power 74.6 mpg at 75mph not bad value for money7

Submitted by: Max Shand on 07 December 2014

Vauxhall Insignia CDTi 160
I am sure I am not the only one hesitant in using these products. Finally took the plunge a month ago and fitted it, easy to do leaving it on factory setting 3 initially. I have slowly been turning up the settings up to 6. On this setting the car feels fantastic, the acceleration is noticeably better, mega smooth through the rev range, I do not have to change down gear as much because the torque is there, massive increase in oomph, it feels like a different car.
I have not had chance to fully compare the mpg but at the moment the on board computer is giving a slight increase in economy. However, it’s the extra power which makes this product worth every penny for me.
There are still a number of settings to go (16 in total) and I will continue to increase it until I get a good balance of power and economy.

Prior to buying this I was thinking of selling the car. Not anymore!

Submitted by: Eddie on 21 October 2014

Alfa 159 2.4 ti amazing
Purchased a diesel pro chip for my 2.4 ti and my car now runs better than it ever has it pulls like a train and runs so much smoother I'm very happy with it would recommend and in my experience this is BETTER than a remap :)

Submitted by: Seb willcocks on 11 October 2014



Vauxhall Stop/Start Eco Flex Insignia
Hi Andrew, What can I say. The install took 5 minutes, the result absolutely fantastic, I am gobsmacked. I installed and left it with the preset tune, as soon as I pulled off th…
Chris Hawkins
20 July 2016
VW amarok
Fantastic, ordered Friday, delivered Monday fitted in 5 minutes, I could tell the difference straight away Does exactly what it says.…
Nathan CSJ
27 July 2015