Diesel Chip Tuning Technology

The modern diesel engines used in today's cars are much more advanced than in the past, these have a variety of sensors each monitoring how the engine is running and which feed into the vehicle's engine management computer (ECU). These signals are processed many thousands of times a second to ensure that the vehicle is running correctly.

Car Manufacturers make the smallest number of engine variants for different geographic regions. They use the car’s ECU to govern the engine’s power output for the target region where environmental factors such as altitude, climate, fuel quality and emissions targets, all play a large part in the determining the set power rating when your car is built.

As a result, it's never been easier to boost the performance of your diesel engine without the need for expensive equipment or ANY specialist knowledge.

Our diesel tuning module intercepts the connection between the fuel system sensor and the ECU, this allows us to control the way fuel is delivered at all points in the duty cycle. We can as a result deliver more fuel intelligently when it's needed in the RPM range to achieve higher BHP and particularly torque output.

In Europe, and other parts of the world, where we have good fuel quality and reatively low ambient temperatures we can take advantage of the naturally low level of tune in the diesel engine. By actively managing the injection system millions of times a second the tuning unit is able to make precise alterations to the fuel delivery to match the engine load and rev range, this allows us to use more of the under used capacity in the engine cylinders to generate more torque resulting in a much smoother drive.

This additional torque also lowers the usable "power band" which means that you will naturally change gear sooner and stay in a higher gear longer before you have to change down (this applies to automatics too).

The end result is a vehicle which is significantly more fuel efficient and smoother to drive.

For additional information please refer to our technical document > HERE <

Why not watch a video on what Ex-TopGear presenter Quentin Wilson has to say about the use of plug-in diesel chip tuning technology products:



BMW 520D F10 2011 Automatic
Just fitted the tuning box today 12/01/2016. Took the car for a run seemed to go up the gears quicker and sit in 6th gear at 32mph so torque defo increased. Pulls away a lot better…
Brian Clark
12 January
Low end grunt on BMW 120D
Why didn't I get this years ago!?! I've only turned the dial one click and my BMW now pulls like train from 1200 RPM, the low end grunt saves me changing gear in traffic …
Glen Burrows
13 June 2018